Young Mums Collective
Demanding recognition and respect for mums under the age of 26


The Young Mums Collective is designing projects and campaigns to ensure young mums are given the recognition and respect they deserve.  


We are a group of 5 women who have either been young mums or have encountered discrimination due to pregnancy or maternity. We are: Joeli Brearley, Joelle Bradley, Laura Davies, Helen Bryce-Kisby and Sophie Kathir. Together we are demanding recognition, respect and change for young mums. 

Our group formed when we met via a campaign ran by the Equality and Human Right's Commission (EHRC) called #Powertothebump. The campaign existed to highlight new research which stipulates that young mums are six times more likely to be pushed out of their job due to pregnancy or maternity. The campaign empowered young mums by building knowledge about their workplace rights through various schemes and activities. The EHRC went on to fund our first series of live streamed workshops - 'This Mum Can'

We know that when young women become pregnant, they are likely to encounter discrimination and derogatory comments. Young mums are told that their life is over and some make negative assumptions about their situation. We know that your life is not over, it has only just begun. We know that no matter what your situation, that you want to do what is best for your baby but sometimes it can feel as though society has set you up to fail. 

The Young Mums Collective wants to change that by enabling you to realise your own worth and potential, by supporting you through the tough times and by shouting from the roof tops that young mums deserve better. 





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